Saturday, August 25, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 4

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Curriculum Night Schedule (8/29)

6:00-6:25 Welcome in Gym (Mr. Gillingham, Mrs. Vaughn, and Specialists)

6:30-7:30 Grade Level Presentations

15 minutes: Classroom procedures, routines, homework guidelines

40 minutes: Curriculum and Demo Lessons

5 minute Spalding lesson

25-30 minute Singapore lesson

10 minute Grammar lesson

5 minutes: Q&A

Here is a snapshot of the week:

Language Arts: We will be doing consistent spelling words and teaching many “er, ir, ur, ear, wor” words. There will be a spelling test Friday. For Pinocchio we will read Ch. 14-18. And, in grammar we will be studying adverbs.

Math: We are studying sum and difference strategies, reviewing rounding with estimation, and further developing bar modeling skills. There will be a sum/difference quiz Monday and an estimation quiz Friday. If you would like to volunteer for math groups please use this link: Math Groups Sign Up

Science: This week, we will be learning about reptiles and fish and finding similarities and differences between them. We will explore further by practicing paragraph writing. On Friday, there will be a short quiz on animal classification.

History: This week we will learn about rivers! We will look at how irrigation brought life to different cities, how people use rivers, and what kind of wildlife could be on different rivers. It will be a fun week!