Monday, September 3, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 5

Clubs with Spots Available (
Monday: 1-5 Math Club, 2-5 Sports Club, 2-5 Band, K-1 Art Club
Tuesday: 2-3 Art Club, 3-5 Dance Fitness Club, 4-5 Choir
Thursday: 3-5 Science Club

Language Arts
We will be learning 30 words this week with a test grammar we will review this week and take a test Friday. Expect a study guide to go home.

Math: We are studying word problems this week. Expect a quick quiz Wednesday and another on Friday. Careful attention to the homework will be sufficient preparation. If you would like to volunteer for math groups please use this link:

Science: We will complete paragraphs about our chosen fish, adding our own picture as well as a fun fact to share! We will also be learning all about the A in Mr. Fab...Amphibians!

History: This week we will continue to learn about rivers! We will look at famous rivers and waterfalls, and see how people use rivers for trade. We will be having a Rivers Assessment on Friday! Look for a study guide going home on Wednesday. We will use it to play our review game on Thursday!