Sunday, August 19, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 3

Language Arts: For Spalding this week, we will be working on silent final e rules and begin our spelling list. With grammar we will focus on adjectives and sentence diagramming. For Pinocchio we will read chapters 9-13 and write an essay based on our reading Friday.

Math: We will work through sums and differences this week. There will be a quiz Monday on simple adding and subtracting. Later in the week, we will be teaching bar modeling! I am excited!

Science: This week in Science, we will perform our Reader’s Theater skits and learn more about what makes each of these groups of animals unique! We will also take a closer look at the features of a reptile.

History: This week we will learn about natural and manmade borders. We will look at the difference between a political and physical map. Then we will start to look at different landforms such as a coast, isthmus, harbor, channel, etc.