Sunday, August 12, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 2

Birthday Treat Policy
Celebrating birthdays is a good way to show the students in our school that they are special and loved.  There are many different ways to mark the occasion, but we want to be careful about students eating too many sugary, processed snacks.  If each child were to bring in cake or donuts for his/her birthday, that would mean 30 unhealthy lunchtime desserts every year.  Some parents would rather their child not eat this type of food and the effects of these sugary snacks can disrupt the learning environment.  In fact, we strongly suggest a non-food item if parents wish to mark the occasion. Pencils, books, or other souvenirs can be just as special, don't require clean-up, and won't affect whatever diet parents wish for their children.  Some teachers may allow a healthy snack for their classes as an exception (to be eaten in the lunchroom), but please reach out to the lead teacher for details.  Make note that sugary treats will not be served to students, and will be sent home with the child that brought them in.

The academy suggests non-food items or healthy snacks for birthdays. Please see your child’s teacher for acceptable treat options, as well as alternatives to food items.
Food must be in its original packaging with the ingredients listed.  Fresh fruit is the exception.
No peanuts or other nuts
No cupcakes, cakes, cookies or other treats with frosting
No pop-culture references

Language Arts: We will be reading Pinocchio this week with emphasis on comprehension and dictionary skills. For Spalding, we will review phonograms and basic rules. Be reviewing phonograms 1-70 nightly as there is a quiz Friday. In grammar we will learn about analogies and verbs!

Math: We learn about rounding this week and take a rounding quiz Wednesday. After that, our first unit on place value will be complete so Thursday we will take the unit assessment. We start the second unit on addition and subtraction with the the thousands on Friday.

Science: This week in Science, we will explore the seven levels of the classification system. We will also learn more about Vertebrates through some fun group activities!

History: This week we will begin with a quiz on Monday. The students were given a study guide on Friday that was filled out and reviewed in class. We will then learn about the cardinal directions, capitals, and borders on a map!