Sunday, August 5, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 1

I can't believe that summer is over and the first week is here already! Please find below a short description of what is to come academically this week.

Language Arts: We will be hitting the ground running this week in ELA. We get right into Spalding handwriting as Third Graders are expected to use cursive exclusively. We will review all the standards and practice thoroughly. In grammar we will introduce nouns and pronouns. Our first literature book is Pinocchio. Please make sure your child has that by Wednesday to read with the class.

Math: We will be working with place value up to the ten thousands place. There will be a quiz on the material Friday.

Science: . This week in Science, we will learn how scientists classify animals. We will discover the differences between Vertebrates and Invertebrates as well as Cold-blooded and Warm-blooded animals.

History: This week we will be learning how to use and construct maps. We will also be labeling and memorizing the continents, oceans, poles, Equator, and the Prime Meridian! Be prepared for an exciting week!