Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quarter 3 Week 4

Athletic Field Day is Friday, February 2nd from 8:30-11:00 for K-2 classes and from 12:00-2:30
for grades 3-5!  Each year classes are assigned a Greek City State for
their team.  This year, your child’s team is Croton, and our team color is
yellow. Your child may wear a plain yellow shirt (no logos) with their
uniform bottoms: pants or skirt.  There will be no school lunch offered
on Athletic Field Day.  Please send your child to school with a lunch.
Our Croton Shield Symbol
Volunteers for Athletic Field Day
In order to have Athletic Field Day run smoothly, we need your help!  
Coach Gethings & Coach Warren need volunteers setting up and
running the event.  Please sign up at to help
with the events.  We need a few volunteers for class to help with
donating a cooler and snacks.  Please look for a sign up from our class
moms to volunteer for our class!

A Day for Friendship - Wednesday, February 14th is Great Hearts
Day! We have reserved this special day to focus on the virtue of
friendship and celebrate the traits that make a great-hearted student.
Teachers are planning interactive and fun activities centered around
these topics, and time will be set aside for students to create hand-made
Great Hearts Day cards for their classmates.  Archway Arete strives to
cultivate a rich, academic environment rooted in the classical tradition.
This many times requires popular culture to be left at the door. On
that note, students will not be permitted to bring store-bought valentines
, candy, or gifts to school. Thank you for partnering with us.

Language Arts:
We will continue reading the Trumpet of the Swan this week, deepen
our understanding of prepositions, and complete our Informative piece
on the Titanic.  Father William by Lewis Carroll should be memorized
for recitations in Feb.7th.

We will wrap up our fractions unit this week with lessons on fractions on
a numberline, fractions of a set, and fractions of money!  The assessment
on Friday will include all of the skills learned this week, as well as adding and
subtracting fractions.   

This week we will begin our unit on light!  This will include learning the main
source if light here on Earth (the sun!), experimenting with shadows, and
discussing different properties of light.  


We will begin with our Earliest Americans unit this week! We will look at
how the ancient peoples found it possible to migrate using the Beringia Land
Bridge. We will also see how the first settlers farmed, hunted, and gathered.