Sunday, February 4, 2018

Quarter 3 Week 5

Just a reminder, there is no school on Friday!

Royalty for a Day Contest  Update!

KB is in the lead!  Coming in 2nd is KA  and close behind are KC, 1B, 2C and
3B.  NEWS FROM MR. GILLINGHAM - any class that brings in 5 Tax Credits
will also be able to  receive a spirit wear day!  Here are the class
standings so far.  For those families that donated their tax credit before
the contest, we thank you!  Please consider this as an opportunity to ask
your friends, neighbors, and family to give their AZ Public School Tax Credit
to Archway Arete! Leave no one out!  Ask grandparents, aunts, neighbors, coaches, and friends to give
their Tax Credit to Archway Arete!  Here is the GIVING LINK:

Language Arts:
We will complete the Trumpet of the Swan this week and students may take it home
on Thursday. Please be prepared with The Little Prince by next Monday. Father William
by Lewis Carroll should be memorized for recitations in Feb.7th! Students will be typing
their latest piece of writing this Tuesday and there will be a prepositions quiz on Thursday.
Their goal is to have the entire list memorized! The spelling test will be on Thursday too,
to accommodate the short week.

This week we will begin our unit on time!  We will begin with telling time, converting hours
and minutes, and word problems with time.  

We will continue our unit on light.  This week we will focus on lenses and refraction, as well
as color! The students will have the opportunity to get their hands on convex and concave
lenses and mirrors to experience these materials first hand.  


We will begin with our Earliest Americans unit this week! We will look at how the ancient
peoples found it possible to migrate using the Beringia Land Bridge. We will also see how
the first settlers farmed, hunted, and gathered.