Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quarter 3 Week 3

Language Arts:
We will continue reading the Trumpet of the Swan this week, learn about
prepositions and begin an informative essay on the Titanic..The recitation
for The Adventures of Isabel will be on Jan. 24th and the students will
receive their new poem, Father William by Lewis Carroll.

We will be continuing our fractions unit this week!  We will continue comparing
and ordering fractions and learn about whole numbers as fractions.  
There will be a quiz on Thursday and then on Friday we will start adding
and subtracting fractions.  

We will wrap up our sound unit this week by learning echolocation, audiologists,
and Alexander Graham Bell.  The study guide will come home Tuesday and
the quiz will be Friday!

We will continue with our Vikings unit this week. We will look at the famous Vikings
Eric the Red and Leif Ericson! We will also be making our own Viking name!
Watch for a study guide coming home on Monday. The test will be on Friday!

Last week, a few ASU students stopped over to give out 3rd grade classes a fun filled afternoon about the brain and sound! Ms. Chaudhury, the science coordinator and 4th grade teacher, set the whole thing up for us.  I have a included pictures so you can share in the experience!