Monday, January 15, 2018

Quarter 3 Week 2

I hope you enjoy the pictures above. We had a wonderful time experimenting with tuning forks. When you hit the fork and then place it on the surface of the water, you can see the "sound waves"!

Language Arts:
We will continue reading the Trumpet of the Swan this week, work on a informative essay in three paragraphs and review grammar concepts. Our spelling words will be condensed into 15 words a day with the test on Friday. Furthermore, the scholars should be studying “Adventures of Isabel” by Ogden Nash. The recitations will be on Jan. 24th.

We will be learning about equivalent fractions.

We will continue our unit on sound this week with two days of fun sound activities to explore pitch! We will end the week with a reading to review what we learned during our activities this week.


We will be learning about Viking life and the long boat.