Sunday, January 7, 2018

Quarter 3 Week 1

Language Arts:
We will begin reading The Trumpet of the Swan this week so please make sure that your child has a copy as soon as possible. In grammar we will learn how to diagram questions and review the diagramming of all four sentence types. In writing, we will be encountering a new genre --explanatory writing. Spelling will be normal with a test on Friday as usual. Furthermore, the class will begin memorizing “Adventures of Isabel” by Ogden Nash. The recitations will be on Jan. 24th.

We will start the quarter with a quick 2-day mini unit on probability.  Then we will begin our unit on fractions!  This unit will begin with naming fractions and comparing fractions with like denominators and fractions with like numerators.

This quarter we will jump into our sound unit.  There will be a few exciting sound activities this week and we will learn about the parts of the human ear!

We will start this quarter with our Vikings unit! We will begin by looking at how archeologists gained information about the vikings then see where they came from.