Saturday, November 4, 2017

Quarter 2 Week 4

Hello 3B Families,
I will be back from my trip this Monday and I am so eager to be with my class again.
Please remember that there is no school this Friday in observation of Veteran's Day.

Furthermore, we will start reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this week. Please send your child in with their copy by Wednesday!

Language Arts:
Since there is no school on Friday, we will be learning 15 spelling words on Monday and Tuesday in order to take the test on Thursday. Our students will be finishing their Personal Narratives and using the computer to type them up on Tuesday. This will give the class valuable typing and publishing experience. Our grammar focus this week will be the use of state of being verbs as they relate to predicate nominatives and diagramming.
Catch a Little Rhyme will be recited for a grade this Wednesday and students will be assigned the poem First Thanksgiving of All to be recited on November 21st.

This week we will be practicing our 8 and 9 multiplication facts. Please be practicing memorization of these at home with your kids. There will be a short quiz on Friday assessing 8 facts.

We will continue our unit on the skeletal system.  The students will be learning about the axial and appendicular skeleton, bones of the arm and leg, and the skull.  Additionally, students will begin memorizing the bones of the body- look out for a filled out skeleton to start practicing on Monday!


This week in history we will begin to learn about Julius Caesar! We will explore how he was as a young man, how he came into power, and his relationship Cleopatra. Julius Caesar was a very powerful man in ancient Rome! Get ready for some exciting stories!