Monday, November 13, 2017

Quarter 2 Week 5

Dont forget, the Music Concert is this Wednesday night!

Language Arts:
This week we will continue to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Spelling will be normal this week with a test on Friday. In grammar we will be reviewing linking verbs and predicate nominatives as well as learning about predicate adjectives. There will be a grammar test on Friday and study guide will go home Monday. Just as a heads up, we are re-testing all 70 phonograms next week on Monday the 20th. We review these every day so everyone should prepared. Also, the recitation for First Thanksgiving of All will be on the 21st before break!

We are learning our 9 facts this week and will quiz on the 9’s Wednesday. After that we will review all of chapter 4 before taking the Unit test on Tuesday the 21st.

This week we will continue our study of bones.  We will learn more about joints and write an informational paragraph about them.  Additionally we will discuss how to care for our bones and what happens when we fracture our bones.  We will be filling out a study guide together in class on Friday.  The quiz is the following Tuesday.


This week in history we will learn about the assassination of Julius Caesar. We will also learn about how Augustus Caesar came into power. Then we will compare and contrast the two Caesars. Look for a study guide coming home on Thursday!