Sunday, October 29, 2017

Quarter 2 Week 3

Tuesday is the Read-a-thon! Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help!
Dont forget to send your child in wearing their preapproved costume.
You may also send your student in with a pillow and blanket for independent reading time and a flashlight for reading in the dark! Make sure they bring in a book to read or plan to borrow one from my shelf.

Also, Friday is a half day!

Language Arts:
With literature day on Tuesday, we are sure to have a memorable week! On top of that, we will be studying Roman myths and analyzing the characters therein, studying a piece of art they inspired, and uncovering the rising and falling actions that make them interesting. There will only be 15 spelling words this week to accommodate the Literature day festivities. Furthermore, the students will begin drafting their personal narrative!

We will be learning how to multiply and divide by 6’s and 7’s this week. Please be using flash cards to practice at home. There will be a quiz Friday!

At the beginning of the week we will discuss how to take care of our muscles. The students will have a short quiz on muscles on Tuesday.  On Thursday we will begin our next human body system- the skeletal system.  We will be discussing the functions of the skeletal system!

This week in history we will learn about the Punic Wars and Hannibal’s elephant army! We will have a quiz on Friday! Please be on the lookout for the study guide.