Monday, October 23, 2017

Quarter 2 Week 2

I hope that you all have enjoyed the long weekend. I know us teachers really appreciated it!
It should be a great week as we move full speed ahead into more excellent content in 3B!

Language Arts:
We will be picking up our Spalding spelling again this week and there will be a test on Friday. For literature, writing, and grammar we will be taking a three pronged approach to the personal narrative and short story. As we begin to study the art of the story, we will start writing our own personal narrative in class. I am excited to see their creativity and hear their insights about all the stories we read.

Long division sure has given us a run for our money! We will continue to practice those skills, alongside of multiplication, on Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be a test on Units 1-3 on Thursday. Then, we begin a new unit just on the math facts of 6-9. We will be using those new facts to multiply and divide all the while.

This week we will continue our study on the human body.  There will be a short quiz on Tuesday to review cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.  We will be discussing the muscular system and making a fun booklet for this system. Students will be able to explain voluntary versus involuntary muscles and  how muscle pairs work together!


This week in history we will continue to learn about Ancient Rome! We will look at more of the Roman myths and decipher what the moral was and which virtues were shown in each myth. We will also be taking a look at the difference between patricians and plebeians!