Saturday, August 19, 2017

Quarter 1 Week 3

This coming week on Tuesday, the 22nd the third grade will be taking our internal benchmark test, MAP. Please make sure your child is in attendance that day, had a good nights rest, and breakfast. Thank you for your support!

Language Arts:
This week, we will read chapters 9-13 of Pinocchio’s adventures and using the text as inspiration for some writing activities. We will work diligently to begin the rule pages in our Spalding notebooks and begin our spelling word list on Thursday. There will be a “mock” spelling test on Friday. We will also learn how to diagram adjectives and try to figure out the meaning behind the phrase “beat around the bush”. Dont forget that poetry recitations will be held on Wednesdsay the 30th and students should be practicing regularly.

We will review addition and subtraction and take a short quiz on Monday. Later in the week, our scholars will learn how to use bar models to solve problems. On Wednesday, we will enjoy math groups and explore our math concepts more deeply with manipulatives and games. Thank you to all the parents who have committed to come in and volunteer!

We began last week with our Unit on Animal Classification, particularly Vertebrates and Invertebrates. This week the scholars will have a chance to present the Reader’s Theater skits they have been preparing in small groups about Vertebrates and Invertebrates. We look forward to seeing the creativity that the scholars put into their skit to go along with the content! We will end our week by learning about reptiles and certain features of reptiles.


This week in history we are going to learn how to read maps with map keys. We also are learning about different landforms. Friday, we will have a fun activity where we build those different landforms with play-doh!