Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quarter 1 Week 2

Hello 3B families,
We had a wonderful first week in 3B. I feel so blessed to have each and every one of your children in my class this year! Thank you so much for the support from home already. Please continue to sign planners and reading logs every day this coming week.

Please read the following subject material closely to make sure you are aware of new content and each assesment forthcoming.

Language Arts:
We dove straight into the content last week and I am excited to present more rigorous material in the weeks to come. The children will be assigned their first third-grade poem to memorize on Wednesday. They will have two weeks to memorize it and will be reciting the poem before the class on August 30th. Our poem is “The Bee” by Isaac Watts. We began Pinocchio last week and will continue onward with our adventures. We are using the story to practice textual evidence, dictionary and thesaurus skills. For Spalding, we will begin writing in our blue notebooks and there will be an assessment on phonograms 1-70 Friday. In grammar and writing we will continue our study of nouns and verbs and extend that knowledge with diagramming.

Last week, we began third grade mathematics with a study of place value. We will continue that pursuit through rounding and estimating to the nearest thousand. There will be a short quiz on Wednesday as well as a big review, and a unit test on Thursday.

We began last week with our Unit on Animal Classification, particularly Vertebrates and Invertebrates. This week the scholars will have a chance to present the Reader’s Theater skits they have been preparing in small groups about Vertebrates and Invertebrates. We look forward to seeing the creativity that the scholars put into their skit to go along with the content! We will end our week by learning about reptiles and certain features of reptiles.

This week in history we are learning about the Cardinal Directions and Intermediate Directions! We will also have a quiz on Monday reviewing the continents and oceans that we learned about last week. Try to play games with them at home to help them learn their directions!

3B Students enjoying Pinocchio


Madame Gebara kindly requested for us to let you know that the students need to bring their French Activity Book (level 2) to school.
It is found at Barnes and Noble:

Les Loustics level 2  cahier d’activités


Français Langue Etrangère

ISBN: 978-2-01-1559067

Merci Beaucoup!