Saturday, August 26, 2017

Quarter 1 Week 4

Curriculum Night!
Our Curriculum Night, or Open House, is this Wednesday the 30th, from 6:00-8:00 pm. This is an adults only event. It is a great opportunity to hear about our classroom, the curriculum, and our procedures. This is your chance to ask us anything! I hope that each of you will be able to make it. If child care is an issue for you, please at least try to attend one of our 45 minute classroom sessions (6:20 or 7:10). The official schedule for the evening is below:
Curriculum Night Schedule
6:00-6:15     Welcome and opening remarks by Mr. Gillingham, Ms. Pantalena, and Mrs. Mason
                     A-L                                                                           M-Z
6:20-7:05     Child's Classroom                                        Specials in MPR                                     
7:10-7:55     Specials in MPR                                           Child's Classroom

Language Arts:
This week, we will read chapters 14-18 of Pinocchio’s adventures.. We will be starting our first official spelling word week with a test on Friday. In grammar, adverbs will be the topic of choice and we will learn the many jobs of that part of speech. Don’t forget that on Wednesday, we will be reciting our poem “The Bee”.

We have begun exploring the mystical world of bar modeling! There will be a quiz on Tuesday over modeling with sums and differences. We will continue our study this week to review rounding of numbers to begin the discipline of estimation. There will be a short estimation quiz on Friday as well. Also, math groups will be back on Wednesday!


This week in science we will wrap up our section on reptiles and move onto fish! We will expand our writing skills by comparing and contrasting what we learn about fish and reptiles later in the week. Students will also have a short quiz to finish off a fun week of learning on animal classification!

This week in history we are going to start learning about rivers! We will see how rivers bring life to farms and cities through irrigation and such. We will also get a chance to see what type of wildlife we could find on rivers.

Here are a few photos from the eclipse fun last week!