Sunday, November 4, 2018

Quarter 2 Week 4

Language Arts

We are starting The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe this week so please send the book in by Wednesday. Recitations for “Catch a Little Rhyme” will be Wednesday as well. In grammar we will work on state of being verbs and linking verbs and practice diagramming sentences. Spelling will be normal with a test Friday. Throughout the week as well, we will work to finish our personal narratives.


This week we will be practicing multiplication and division and learning our 8 facts. There will be a quiz Monday on 6 and 7s, and then a quiz in Friday regarding 8’s. Try challenging your child to skip count by these numbers on your way to and from school for good practice! If you can help with Wednesday math groups, please RSVP using this link:


Students will begin learning about the functions of the Skeletal System and the importance of the human spine. They will be able to label the different bones within the human body.


This week we will continue our Rome Unit. We will learn about Julius Caesar! We will take a look at his young life, how he came to power, and what caused his assassination.