Sunday, October 28, 2018

Quarter 2 Week 3

Literature Day!

On Wednesday we will be celebrating our love of learning! Students will dress up in their pre-approved costumes. Please send your child to school with their favorite chapter book or one they would like to read. We will be spending a good portion of the day in quiet reading time. To be more comfortable students will be encouraged to bring a pillow or blanket for reading. Lights will be turned out, for a comfy reading atmosphere, so students should bring a small flashlight or book light so they can see their book. We will providing a class snack for the end of the day! I am looking forward to it!

Language Arts

We will have a spelling test Friday, per usual, but only on 15 words to accommodate Literature Day. We will read several ancient myths to help us understand story elements. Concurrently, we will be drafting our own personal narratives.


This week we will be practicing multiplication and division and learning out 6 and 7 facts. Try challenging your child to skip count by these numbers on your way to and from school for good practice! There will be no math groups on Wednesday because of Literature Day.


We will learn how to care for our muscles and what happens when our muscles get hurt. Our Muscular System quiz will be moved to Thursday of this week. We will begin learning about the skeletal system at the end of the week.


This week we will continue our Rome Unit. We will take a look at the virtuous Cincinnatus. We will also learn about the Punic wars! You will see a take-home quiz go home on Thursday and it will be due Monday 11/5.