Sunday, September 23, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 8

Hello 3B Families! Please be advised that there is no school Friday. We will celebrate the September birthdays on Thursday! Please remember the birthday treat policy as you plan what to bring for the class. (Bringing a class gift is not required though)

Language Arts

Students will recite Eletelephony this Wednesday. There will be spelling words as usual and a test Thursday. For writing and grammar, we will study figures of speech.. Lastly, in Pinocchio, we’ll read chapters 32-34.


This week we will study multiplication and division word problems. There will be a quiz on Thursday. If you can volunteer for math groups please use this link to RSVP:


We will start the week with a scavenger hunt, on a mission to find mammals throughout our classroom! We will also be making a flipbook to help us review all of the different animals we have been learning about! Students will be given a study guide on Monday. Please help your scholar fill this out throughout the week with help from their Mr. Fab packet! They will have a test next week.


This week we will present our Canada Projects! Please make sure your child comes to school with their project on Monday. We will also have our Canada assessment on Thursday. Study guides will be completed in class Monday.