Sunday, September 16, 2018

Quarter 1 Week 7

Homework Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the homework survey. 38 out of 90 families completed the survey for third grade. Here are the results: 57% students complete homework in under an hour, 21% complete it in an hour or so, and 18% are exceeding the recommended minutes regularly. If your child exceeds the recommended time limit of an hour after focused effort, and you feel as if the time is no longer productive, please feel free to stop your child. If that is the case, please email the teachers and write a note on the assignments to notify them. Thank you!

Language Arts

Students are memorizing the poem Eletelephony this week. There will be spelling words as usual and a test Friday. We will be learning the writing process together this week. Lastly, in Pinocchio, we’ll read chapters 28-31.


This week we will be testing on Unit 2 on Tuesday. Then we will begin multiplication and division If you can volunteer for Wednesday math groups please use this link:

We currently have 0 parents signed up for this week and need 4 to be able to run the centers effectively. We really appreciate your help!


We will continue learning about birds, specifically the ever unique ostrich! We will also begin discussing and learning about Mammals. Students will be completing the rest of their Mr. FAB booklet and will be comparing and contrasting different types of mammals.


This week we will continue to learn about the country of Canada! We will talk more about the different provinces and territories. We will also learn a brief history of war in Canada. Don’t forget to continue working on the Canada project! This will be due Monday, September 24th.