Friday, March 23, 2018

Quarter 4 Week 2

Language Arts:
Please send in Little House On the Prairie! To prep for AZ Merit Writing, we will be completing a practice exam online. Instead of spelling this week, we will be working with historical and persuasive texts.

Math:  This week we will be discussing perimeter.  We will relate perimeter to area as we progress through the week.  There will be a short quiz on perimeter on Thursday.

Science:  Our Astronomy Unit will continue with a look at planets, moons, and stars.  In addition we will learn about different types of galaxies and the history of our solar system.    

History: This week we will continue to learn about Jamestown. We will look more into the “Starving Time” and how the colonists survived. We will also spend time focusing on Pocahontas and how she assisted with the interactions between colonists and Indians.