Monday, March 19, 2018


Can you believe it is the last quarter?! Let's finish strong!

Language Arts:
We will finish the Little Prince this week, so please be prepared to send in Little House On the Prairie. For writing we will complete an opinion essay about First Kids in the White House. Instead of spelling this week, we will be working with poetry, drama, and informational texts.

Math:  To begin quarter four we will be wrapping up the area unit we began before break.  This week we will look more in depth at composite figures. There will be an assessment on Friday.

Science:  This week we will begin our Astronomy Unit!  This is always an exciting unit that intrigues many of the students.  We will begin with the Big Bang theory and then we will discuss the structure and composition of the universe.

History: This week we will begin learning about the thirteen colonies! We will focus on the Virginia colony this week. We will also learn about the role John Smith played in helping the Virginia colony survive.