Sunday, January 13, 2019

Quarter 3 Week 2

Welcome back everyone! I hope that your weekend was restful!

Upcoming Testing

Please be aware that MAP benchmark testing is coming up for third grade on Jan. 15th. Students should just come to school having had a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast to fuel their work! Please make every effort for your child to be on time and in attendance on that day so that they do not lose instructional time doing make-up testing!


Thank you for taking the time to complete the latest homework survey. We looked carefully at the numeric data and anonymous comments and had good conversations as a team. Every child is unique and homework experiences vary widely, but there are occasional patterns in these surveys that help us to adjust our homework assignments. With this in mind, we are going to make a few adjustments in the third quarter that will hopefully make the homework experience more joyful without sacrificing good learning. We will continue to discuss as a team and will send another survey near the end of third quarter. Beginning January 14th, parents and students can look forward to the following changes:
  • Two days to complete all science or history homework assignments
  • No math homework on nights where a new lesson wasn’t taught (ex. Night after a big test)
  • All students who have turned in 100% of their homework on time each day for the week will receive a homework pass!

Language Arts

We will continue The Trumpet of the Swan this week. Spelling will be normal, with a test on Friday. Writing and grammar will focus on informational writing as we create a class essay on Monarch butterflies.. Students will review their stanza to memorize The Adventures of Isabel. The recitations will be on Jan. 23rd.


We are taking a short fractions quiz on Monday to check for understanding of basic fraction skills. We will then work on mastering equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. If you are able to help with math groups please RSVP:

Students will continue learning about sound. They will compare different pitches made by experimenting with various objects.


We will continue our Viking unit this week! Students will learn about the farming and trading life of a Viking. They will also learn about the different boats they used. Lastly, they will be introduced to a famous viking, Eric the Red!