Sunday, December 9, 2018

Quarter 2 Week 9

Can you believe the quarter is almost over! It has been an exciting year! Next Wednesday will be our Narnia party to celebrate.

Also, this Friday is Miss Colbert's birthday. We will have so much fun celebrating her this week!

Our Archway Arete library has officially launched, and we are looking for volunteers to help students check out books. Sign up here to serve!

Language Arts

Spelling will be normal this week with a test on Friday. In writing, we will continue to craft our Realistic Fiction stories and move into the publishing stage. We are continuing The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and will likely finish Friday.


We are reviewing lots this week! First on Monday there will be a money quiz. Then, there will be a unit test on Thursday covering units 1-4, & 9. Afterwards, we will be learning the order of operations and the basics of data analysis. If you are able to help with math groups this week, please RSVP here:


This week, students will test their reflexes by taking part in a reflex lab! We will also be learning how to keep our brains and our Nervous System healthy. There will be a quiz on the Nervous System this Friday. Students will fill out study guides as a class and will have an opportunity to review throughout the week.


This week we will be learning about the Christian Persecution in Rome and the Decline of the Roman Empire. We will be filling out a study guide in class on Friday. The test will be next Monday (12/17).