Friday, May 4, 2018

Quarter 4 Week 8

PSA for Clubs: The final day of clubs is Friday, May 11


Language Arts: We continue Little House this week by reading
Ch. 21-23. Spelling will be normal with ten words per day. A new
poem was assigned last week, Jimmy Jet and his TV Set, which
we will recite the last Wednesday of the school year. For writing,
we will be doing a science companion project. Each child will
research one planet in our Solar System and write a three paragraph
essay. There is also  take-home element where they are to make a
3-D model of their planet. A parent letter and model display directions
will be sent home on Monday. The model will be due in class on
May, 21 so that they can present to the class. It is a fun and simple
final project!

Math:  This week we will begin our new unit on weight!  We will
be discussing grams and kilograms. There is no math quiz this
week, but there will be quiz on Tuesday, May 15th covering
material on grams and kilograms.   

Science:  This week we will continue our Solar System Unit.  There
is a quiz on Tuesday. The study guide for the quiz went home
on Friday.  In addition we will be discussing black holes, constellations,
and orienteering this week.     

History: We will finish up our New England and Middle Colonies this
week. A study guide will be sent home Monday and we will be taking
the test Friday.

Here are some pictures from our Field Trip to the MIM and our science
activity where we made the lunar phases with Oreos!