Monday, April 9, 2018

Quarter 4 Week 4

Language Arts: AZ Merit reading and math is on Monday and Tuesday. This will be the last week with no spelling words, as we will continue the week after AZ Merit. We continue on with Little House and will do some literature related crafts/games this week to relax post-test!

Math:  This week we will be taking the AZ Merit on Monday and Tuesday.  Therefore, we will not have any new math lessons on Monday or Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will do an area/perimeter activity.  Then on Thursday we will begin our unit on weight.

Science:  We will continue our Astronomy unit this week and learn about the planets in our solar system.  The students will be creating a fun booklet with their favorite facts about each planet.  At the end of the week we will also take a look at other extraterrestrial objects.      

History: This week we will finish up the Southern Colonies. We will fill out the study guide in class on Tuesday and have a quiz on Friday.