Monday, November 27, 2017

Quarter 2 Week 7

Language Arts:
This week in Language arts we will continue Narnia, get back on track with our spelling words, and embark on a new writing unit. We will be learning about the realistic fiction and begin plan our own short story in the genre. To accompany this, our grammar lessons this week will be about quotations.

We will be learning about the decimal notation for money for our next unit. There will be short quizzes on Tuesday and Friday to check understanding. Even though we are moving out of our multiplication and division units, our multiplication facts are still really important! Please take any opportunity  possible to practice them at home.

This week in Science we will dive into our next human body system, the nervous system.  We will learn what the nervous system is and the major components of this system as well as the parts of a nerve cell.  We will kick off this unit with a small experiment in water temperature!


This week in history we will learn more about the Roman lands. We will explore the bridges, roads, buildings, and aqueducts of ancient Rome. This will lead us into learning about gladiators and chariot races!