Monday, September 25, 2017

Quarter 1 Week 8

Language Arts:
Students should continue to memorize “Eletelephony” as the recitation is on Wednesday the 27th. We will read chapters 32-34 of Pinocchio. In grammar and writing we will be learning figures of speech in preparation for a descriptive writing project. Since there is no school on Friday, the spelling test will be on Thursday!

We will be learning how to use bar models to solve multiplication and division word problems. There will be a quiz on Thursday!


This week in history we will present our Canada projects! We will also be testing our knowledge on what we have learned about Canada so far! Please be on the lookout for a study guide going home on Monday. The test will be Thursday, so please don’t turn in your study guide until then!

We have a busy week ahead! We are starting Monday with a scavenger hunt with fun facts about mammals. Tuesday we will be creating a flip book that they will be able to review for an upcoming assessment on Thursday October 5th!  We will end our short week with a review of our science study guides and best studying strategies!